Fix Up Your Driveway Before You Sell Your Home

Do you have cracks, heaves or other issues with your driveway causing the curb appeal of your home to be, well, unappealing? If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, it’s time to weigh your options for repairing your driveway.

As Massachusetts homeowners, we have four seasons of weather to deal with, and each season brings a different set of concerns with regard to the care and repairs of your home, especially your driveway.

Freeze-Thaw Cycles

In New England, each year your driveway is subject to major temperature fluctuations. While the pavement has some flexibility, the temperature changes and frost-heaves really take a toll on it. Normally this results in cracks, which will deepen over time. Bad frost heaves can change the surface of your driveway, leaving hills and valleys which cause further problems as it collects water and degrades the material.


Patches are a great way to repair cracks and pot holes. You can use a cold patch (asphalt that is not heated before using to repair) if it is a small hole contained on all sides. Hot patches are better for repairs that are more than 3X3X4, and should be completed by a professional so you don’t burn yourself.

To make the repair using a cold patch, first you must sweep the area clear of any loose asphalt. Then, add the patch material and use a tamper to tamp to make sure that it is tightly packed and even with the driveway surface. Then make sure to let it cure for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer.

Getting your driveway sealed after making patches is a good way to maintain your driveway, and give it a clean and consistent surface.

Driveway Resurfacing

Driveway resurfacing is more involved than sealing it, but could be a good option instead just completely replacing your driveway.

Resurfacing is not something that most homeowners can take on themselves, as it does require heavy equipment. Experienced driveway contractors can take off the top layer of your driveway, and replace it. This is a less expensive option than replacing your driveway, however it will only work if the foundation of your driveway is still in good shape.

After your driveway is resurfaced, you will be left with a new-looking driveway which will definitely help attract prospective buyers.

Replacing Your Driveway

Older driveways, and those with foundational issues should be torn up and replaced. Now this might sound like a drastic option, but at a certain point, patch repairs and even resurfacing are no longer going to be enough.

This is a great opportunity to investigate different materials and looks that you want for your driveway. Especially for large driveways, this is going to make a difference to the overall look of the front of your house, and could be the thing that catches the eye of a buyer.

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