Blog: Designing Your New Kitchen

Whether you are looking to sell your home, or just getting new keys, this is the time to update your kitchen.

How do you pick a style that is functional and beautiful, reflects your personal taste, but appeals to potential buyers?

The first thing you want to do is find the highest quality materials that fit within your budget. Your kitchen is a great investment, and you want to design something that will withstand all of the lasagna dinners and birthday cakes that you can throw at it.

I always recommend working with local businesses whenever possible. Rather than going to a large box store, take a look at one of the dozens of designs centers right in the Tri-Town area. Representatives from the local design center will spend the time with you to create the heart of your home.

Make sure you are optimizing the space for storage and counter space. These are universal qualities that everyone looks for in a kitchen.

Once you have built the foundation of your kitchen, you can add your personal style choices. As one of, if not the largest, investment in your home it is very important to take your time in planning your new kitchen. It’s the favorite place for people to gather for family dinners, and parties. It can also be the biggest selling point!

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