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Homes You Can Buy for Less than Your Rent

Paying money towards your mortgage, towards owning your home outright, is a far better investment than paying your landlord’s mortgage every month. So is it time to become a first-time home buyer?

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6 Landscaping Pro Tips for the Northeast That Help Sell Your Home

  Trim the Hedges, Weed the Garden and Mow the Lawn This one is first because it is the most important. If you do nothing else, a thorough clean-up of your yard is absolutely necessary. The state of the outside says a lot about how well the house has been cared for, and you don’t…

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Top 5 Signs It Is Time To Sell Your Home

Have you had a feeling that it might be time to sell your home, but you’re not sure it is time? Here are five tell-tale signs that it is time to head to your nearest real estate agent to list your house. 1) Gaining Equity As the real estate market gains speed, generally the equity…

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