6 of the Most Expensive Homes Listed on Zillow Right Now

Do you ever just get in the car and take a ride to look at different neighborhoods? I see beautiful homes all the time in my day to day work as a Realtor®. I appreciate elegant architecture and thoughtfully laid out floor plans. Admiring these homes and getting to see inside is just one of the perks of my job.

But every once in a while I will be driving through a neighborhood, and I will come across a home and think to myself, “Wow! I wonder who lives there.” I mean some homes are just beyond what I could imagine ever owning.  There are some palatial estates in Massachusetts, and it’s a lot of fun to daydream about what the owners’ lives must be like.

Let’s take a look at the top six most expensive homes listed on Zillow in Massachusetts right now.


Number 6

$18.5M Laxfield Rd., Weston, MA

7 beds, 9 baths, 15,031 square feet

It’s unsurprising that Weston would make the list of most expensive homes in Massachusetts. Weston is a small town just 15 minutes outside of Boston, where you can find many high-end houses.

Spot of tea, dearie? You’ll feel like you’ve crossed the pond when you arrive Laxfield Farms. Indeed, the manor was named after the family home in Suffolk, England.  It’s a stately brick structure with a slate roof and diamond-pane leaded glass windows to complete the British manor look.

There is a nod to the Boston Public Garden, however. The grounds include lamp posts that are modeled after those found in the Garden and a freshwater pond (with its own waterfall) that you can skate on in the winter.

Your butler can make his home in the gorgeous stone guest house fit for the English countryside set apart from the main. It accounts for 5,000 of the total square footage of the listing.

Jeeves! Now, where is that tea?

Number 5

$18.9M Willow Rd, Weston, MA

7 beds, 14 baths, 17,446 square feet

This particular home offers a ratio of two bathrooms to every bedroom (why is that necessary?), a parking court (who says driveway anymore?), and your very own waterfall.  If you’re worried about 17,446 square feet of living space not being enough, don’t. There’s a finished “lower level” a.k.a. basement, which has a recreation space and a theater. But wait, there’s more! There’s an actual batman-style underground tunnel that leads to a sports and recreation complex. I mean right now the complex contains a swimming pool, a hockey rink, kitchen, tennis court, etc., but you could totally change it into a secret chamber for your superhero suits and multi-utility vehicles.

All kidding aside, this estate is truly magnificent, and the best part might be the gorgeous 12.7 acres on which it sits. Take a look for yourself.


Number 4

$19.25M Turkeyland Cove Rd, Edgartown, MA

7 beds, 9 baths, 6,892 square feet

This is not your regular pond house. Forget the days of piling in the woody station wagon with three kids shoved in the way back on your way to Grandma’s weathered cottage on the Cape where all six kids share a single bedroom and adjoining alcove. This 6,892 square foot Martha’s Vineyard estate gives you room to spread out.  And if the house starts to feel too cozy, take a stroll through the 29 acres situated on Edgartown Great Pond.

Don’t feel like swimming or kayaking in the pond? Take a dip in the swimming pool, or head out to the barrier beach where you can enjoy the expanse of the Atlantic.


Number 3

$19.5 M Green Dunes Dr., Barnstable, MA

5 beds, 8 baths, 9,768 square feet

Imagine living just on the other side of the Hyannisport Club from the Kennedys. Spend a night in this home, and you’ll feel like you’ve truly arrived. No one will tell you otherwise when you’re living in your own nine-acre compound with a carriage house, sandy beach, and a two-bath guest house. You may need to purchase a few extra automobiles to keep in your six-car garage, however. I recommend at least two perfectly preserved vintage convertibles in which you can enjoy the Cape Cod summer.

When the weather does not support being outside taking in all of the beautiful water views, you can swim inside in your indoor pool, head to the sauna for some heat therapy, then grab a bottle of your favorite vintage from your own personal wine cellar.


Number 2

$19,995,000, Tilipi Run St., Chatham, MA

6 beds, 10 baths, 10,974 square feet.

This is a castle. The listing won’t say it (they refer to it as a “circular motif”), but I will. This is a castle that is meant for a queen. Upon arriving and gaining permission to enter, the iron gate will swing inward and allow you to ride, I mean drive, over the cobblestones past the gatehouse (“circular one bedroom carriage house”) to the front of the manor.

This house is far from outdated, however. It is enabled with a smart home system that controls everything from the security systems to the temperature of the pool. This has every element a modern queen might require, including an “opulent wine cave” and a theater that seats eleven.

The grounds are well wooded to give you a secluded feeling, and you can experience majestic views of the mouth of Chatham Harbor and the Monomoy Islands from the stone pool pavilion.


Number 1

$22.5 M, Monomoy Rd, Nantucket, MA

6 beds, 6.5 baths, 6,829 square feet.

Finally! A half-bath appears on the list. Normally when you’re talking bathrooms the more full ones you’ve got, the better. But when that number creeps over three, you’ve got to think not everyone is showering every single time they go to use the bathroom. I mean, right?

Anyway, if there could ever be a $22.5M quintessential Cape house, this is it. Complete with grey shingles and white trim and pretty ocean views. On your way down the stone steps to the beach, inhale the fragrant rambling roses and grab a few ripe beach plums. Or sit on your flagstone patio, surrounded by the blooming hydrangeas and watch the boats bob on the harbor.

When the Daffodil Festival comes around, you have a beautiful guest home for the inevitable tide of friends and family that will come ashore looking for to celebrate the tenuous start to spring with the beautiful people of Nantucket. It’s all about location, location, location for this chart-topping home.



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