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6 Landscaping Pro Tips for the Northeast That Help Sell Your Home


  1. Trim the Hedges, Weed the Garden and Mow the Lawn

This one is first because it is the most important. If you do nothing else, a thorough clean-up of your yard is absolutely necessary. The state of the outside says a lot about how well the house has been cared for, and you don’t want potential buyers to get the wrong impression. A neat and tidy exterior gives the assurance that they will find the same fastidious care on the inside. 

  1. Buy a brightly colored hanging plant for a front porch or potted flowers for the front steps

AJ Kaufman of the Dept. of Tropical Plant and soil Sciences at the the University of Hawaii, and V. I. Lohr from the Dept. of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture of Washington State University have this to say about plants:

In addition to the physical benefits that plants provide within the built landscape, plants promote positive physiological, psychological, and economical responses in people. Viewing nature is associated with reductions in stress, improvements in mental alertness, greater productivity, and, in areas of commerce, increased spending (Ulrich, 1986; Relf, 1991; Lohr et al., 1996).”

Because of our deeply ingrained survival instincts, people are attracted to healthy looking plants. They create a sense of security and sustainability. These are definite pluses when looking for a home to buy.

  1. Turn the Well-Worn Path in your Yard into a Stone Walkway

Is there a yellowed or dirt patch in your lawn from the shed to the house, or the garden to the porch? Whatever the path is connecting, it will look better and more planned out if you can demarcate it with flat stones.

  1. Add a Seating Area

Creating a restful point of interest adds to the general feel of planned landscaping, which goes back to the idea of giving the impression of a well thought-out landscape. A nice patio set also increases the living space your home has to offer in the warmer months. This is a very valuable addition. Complete it with a fire-pit, barbecue and some chairs with comfortable cushions and it’s the outdoor living room everyone is looking for.

  1. Plan Attractive Features for Year Round Good Looks

Sure, your yard looks great in the spring when everything is in bloom, but how about when skies are grey and the trees are bare? Here are some excellent plants that create interest year-round in the northeast:

  • Holly- a deep green evergreen that looks great in the snow
  • ‘Karl Foerster’ Feather Reed Grass- purple green plumes turn coppery gold in the fall
  • Moonlight Climbing Hydrangea- red stems in winter are eye-catching
  • Witch Alder- fragrant blooms in spring turn to thick blue-green foliage in the summer which transforms to into a spectacular fall display of yellow, burnt umber and red.
  • Red Sprite/ Winterberry- this is a deciduous holly that has red berries in fall and winter and small greenish white flowers in spring and early summer
  • Mountain Laurel- evergreen shrub that has pink showy blossoms in the spring and summer and green leaves in the fall and winter.
  1. Get your swerve on: turn straight garden edges into curves

A crisp edge to a garden bed is fantastic, but a curve adds a very interesting dynamic. The key is to have a clean edge to your garden, and then you can add features like stones or pavers to accentuate those edges. The curves and turns take it to the next level, and then continue to add interest in the late fall and winter months when the plants are gone.

Implement these six features into your outdoor space, and you will have a yard that looks fantastic through all of New England’s four seasons.

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